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Tips For Players New to Online Poker

Playing Poker Online is fun for a number of reasons for the new player. There is no pressure from other players in your face like in live games, and you can move around from table to table with the click of a mouse. That being said, here are some things you need to pay closer attention to.

One thing most beginners do at the online poker tables is jump in without any plan. If you don't set a winning limit, you'll play too long and wind up wiping out your bankroll. Decide now how much you want to win, and commit to quitting when you hit that amount. Try getting 20 percent of your bankroll, then stopping for the day. After doing this for a week, your bankroll will start growing quickly.

Avoid chatting with other players at the table. These online players don't want to be friends, they are trying to get you to give up information. Shut off the chat and focus on your game.

Stop flashing your hole cards every chance you get. This is not only a sign you are a beginner, it gives the table free information they will use down the road against you.

Pay very close attention to the tables that you decide to play at. If the table has a $10 maximum buy-in, stop and look at the chip counts of the other players. If only one seat is open and the rest of the table all have $50 or more, they are just pushing around whoever drops in that seat. Move to a different table and find one where you all have the same amount of chips on the table.

As you can see, if you really take a proactive approach to your poker play online, you can start to improve right out of the gate.

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