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  Tips for Playing Better Poker Online
Tips for Playing Better Poker Online

If you're not raking in huge amounts of chips playing poker online, you are making some common mistakes. See if any of these mistakes are crushing your chances of winning more money at the online poker rooms.

Look closely at how much you are betting at the poker table. Chances are you are at too high a limit for your bankroll. You should drop to a lower limit until you get better. The great thing about playing lower limit tables is the competition is really soft.

There is usually a chat feature at the Poker Online table, and it should be turned off unless you are using it to watch what other players are saying. If you are using the chat feature to talk to other players, make friends, talk about your bad beats, and whine about poor starting hands, you are giving the rest of the table free information they are going to certainly use to crush you eventually.

Do you set a new winning and losing limit each time you log into the poker site? Chances are good you don't. If you don't know your limit, how do you know when to take money off the table? You must set these limits before you play, and as soon as you hit the number, you need to leave the site. If you don't commit to this simple process, those cold streaks will creep up and take all those profits from you.

Start mixing up your play. Learn to be aggressive with some hands, then passive on others. Don't allow other players to figure out what you are going to be doing on the next hand or they will pick you off easily.

Take your time and work through this list and you should start to see things improve for you in time.

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